Furnishing Sports Bars and Club Houses

No matter what sport you enjoy, from golf, cricket, hockey, football, to rugby, there will usually be a bar or hospitality centre as part of the setup. Most football, cricket and rugby grounds have their own bars for the fans. If your establishment is next to or near a sporting venue, you will undoubtedly want to attract some of the fans for meals and drinks. Indeed, special VIP lounges and directors boxes have been a significant feature of the sports hospitality scene for many years. Whatever establishment you are involved with, you will need to give considerable thought to the style and decor. This is where Royal Design can come to your assistance with their extensive range of furnishings and accessories from their range of ceiling lights to designer tableware and a vast selection of bar stools.

How Can Royal Design Help?

Sports bars and clubhouses need to set the right environment for your clientele who will more often than not be fans of the local team, whatever the particular sport. The establishment should feature a bar as well as a good selection of food. Obviously, if you are catering for VIP guests, then they will expect excellent food, but the average fan will usually be happy with simple fare such as ham and eggs or chips, pie, and gravy. Royal Design can offer everything from glassware, rugs, and cutlery to the latest designs in practical bar stools and ceiling lights.

Royal Design Bar Stools

This company stocks items from some of the best designers in Scandinavia and Europe. Their list includes Design House Stockholm, Normann Copenhagen, Department, Frama, and Sara Larsson. Featuring bar stools in eighteen different colours, with 14 materials from natural wood, iron and metal through to plastic, you can be sure to find something to add that touch of class and style to the setting of your choice. Their products are made from the finest quality materials and are built to last, meaning you will get years of service for your investment. The stools come in swivel and static designs and are made for the ultimate comfort of the user.


If you are involved with a clubhouse or an on-site bar or eatery, then well-designed furniture will not only last but provide comfort for your guests. Give some thought to the themes and include some local sporting material such as football shirts, medals, a roll of honour, and some details of the club’s history. The combination of Royal Design products and a welcoming themed environment is guaranteed to be a sure-fire success with sports enthusiasts. Don’t forget a thriving social scene is often the backbone of a successful sports venture. As well a providing much-needed income for the team, it will please old fans and encourage new fans to visit the venue. This is a win-win situation for both the local team and the fans.