Sports History’s Top Athlete Sponsorship Deals

Some athletes have established themselves as worldwide brands and attract the much-desired attention that marketers desperately need in the cutthroat business industry. Numerous brands have agreements worth millions of euros with athletes. These endorsement contracts account for a sizable portion of the income for some of the most successful athletes….

Dancing Outfits

While some people might not consider dancing as a sport, those that do it both professionally and semi-professionally might just disagree. Dancing is an extremely active sport that requires high levels of co-ordination and therefore means people have to practice for long hours, just like tennis players like Serena Williams…

Sports And Augmentation

In recent years more women have been encouraged to join sports teams. This has led to the establishment of new professional female leagues. In fact, it is generating a huge amount of revenue which can go back into helping local communities. Whilst these developments are positive there are still some…