Dancing Outfits

While some people might not consider dancing as a sport, those that do it both professionally and semi-professionally might just disagree. Dancing is an extremely active sport that requires high levels of co-ordination and therefore means people have to practice for long hours, just like tennis players like Serena Williams or footballers like Christiano Ronaldo need to do to hone their craft. They didn’t just wake up one day with that level of natural talent.

The Outfits

If you have ever watched an episode of “Strictly Come Dancing” on UK TV, or “Dancing with the Stars” on US TV you will know that the contestants wear some really stunning outfits. Floaty skirts or sequinned trousers paired with women’s tops in a similar glittery effect will always win over the style gurus. If you move away from the standard leotards that are figure hugging and onto women’s tops that offer a little more elegance, you can compliment your dancing partners outfit with ease.

Loose fitting tops for women are a great idea as they are none restrictive, meaning you can spin, twirl and jump with ease. Bright colours are always a great option to stand out from the crowd, but even dark coloured clothing that shimmers under the dance hall lights and glitter balls are enough to catch the eye.


If you are thinking that clothing is not as important as the steps and routine you would be wrong. Judges score on a range of things during a competition, which even includes hairstyle. Make sure your overall look is polished, and you complement your partner not only in moves but also in outfit.


If you have not yet taken up dancing but would really love to learn, it is best to employ a well respected dance coach or to enrol in a local dance school to get started. Find out of you love it, and if it is the best fit for you, and remember, if you do and you want to turn it into a career, then practice, practice and more practice is the key to success.