5 Major Football Competitions Across the World

Football is currently the most celebrated sport across the globe. Football associations have come up with national leagues and cups to increase the level of competition. Sponsors have also come on board in these competitions to give support to the football associations. This has, in turn, led to an increase in the prizes of the competitions. FIFA is the main organizer of large football tournaments. These tournaments have the participation of very high-quality teams and have very grand prizes for both the winners and participants. Here are some of the major football competitions across the globe.

1. The World Cup

This is the largest football competition around the world. All countries around the world are given a chance to participate in the competition but only a few get the chance to do so. The competition has the qualifiers stage where countries from each continent are knocked out. Every continent is allowed to have a certain number of teams in the competition according to the performance of football competitions in that continent. Teams that proceed to the main competition have a chance to represent their country at the world level. Players are given the chance to fight for the honour and pride of their country.

2. The UEFA Champions’ League

This is the largest club competition around the world. The competition involves top teams from Europe. The Champions’ League has managed to move a step further in terms of finance compared to other international competitions. The league also has very great quality on the pitch compared to other competitions. It also has a great atmosphere as rival teams get a chance to meet in the competition.

3. Copa America

It is the oldest football competition to be held in a continent. It was first played in 1916 in Argentina. It was to celebrate a hundred years since Argentina had gained independence. Only teams in CONMEBOL are given a chance to participate in the tournament. There is also an addition of two teams which are invited into the competition. Uruguay is currently the most decorated team as it has won a total of 15 cups. Despite Uruguay having the best record in the competition, Argentina and Brazil are still considered as the best teams.

4. The European Championship

This competition was first held in France in 1958. This is one of the most competitive competitions as national teams in Europe battle each other out for the top spot. The competition currently has 24 teams participating in the tournament.

5. The African Cup

This is the fiercest competition in Africa. Africa has a very large audience of football fans. This competition is held after every two years. The competition was recently won by Algeria in a very exciting entourage where they got to fight Senegal in the final. The latter were chasing a maiden African Cup win which, in the end, proved elusive.